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Public Projects

Engineered Earth Solutions, LLC has been at the forefront of designing and implementing earth structures that serve the community. From stabilizing embankments to fortifying critical infrastructure, our expertise ensures these projects contribute to public safety and resilience.

100.5’ Tall High School Reinforced Slope

Modular block retaining wall & reinforced slope | 171,000 square feet.

32’ Tall Airport Wall

Geogrid reinforced large modular block retaining wall adjacent to Asheville Airport Runway.

45’ Tall Bridge Wall

Geogrid reinforced true abutment large modular block retaining wall.

41’ Tall Roadway Wall

DOT gravity system supporting roadway with an integrated crash barrier.

89’ Tall Landfill Wall

Reinforced slope supporting large landfill | 132,000 square feet.

24’ Tall Rail Wall

Temporary MSE wall supporting two rail lines | 175,000 square feet.

Commerical Projects

With our expertise in earth structure design, we’ve delivered solutions that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of commercial spaces but also provide the necessary stability and safety. From towering modular block walls to intricate tie-back anchored structures, our team’s innovation shines through, ensuring the seamless integration of functional design and architectural beauty.

60’ Tall Hospital Wall

Modular block retaining wall – one of the tallest modular block walls ever constructed.

32’ Tall Pond Wall

Cast-in-Place (CIP), Modular Block & Reinforced Slope – utilized multiple wall types in a detention pond application.

38’ Tall Quarry Wall

Modular block retaining wall supporting a 100-ton quarry dump truck used to load gravel in train cars.

32’ Tall Permanent Pile Wall

Cantilever soldier pile and permanent lagging supporting cut gravity cut wall against future beltway with limited room for construction activities.

48’ Tall Parking Lot Reinforced Slope

Vegetated reinforced slope.

Residential Projects

At Engineered Earth Solutions, LLC, we extend our expertise to cater to the residential sector, delivering personalized and reliable earth structure solutions for homeowners. Whether it’s crafting beautiful retaining walls that enhance your property’s charm or ensuring the stability of slopes, we bring our extensive experience to every project. With a focus on both function and form, our residential services are designed to create living spaces that are not only secure but also visually appealing, adding value to your home for years to come.

24’ Tall Landslide Repair

Modular block with soil nail reinforcement – The hillside encroached on existing residences, so a wall was built to shore it up.

40’ Tall Residential Structure

Modular block retaining wall supporting residence and pool.

27’ Tall Land Bridge

Back-to-back modular block culvert walls supporting the entrance to a large residential community.

Decorative Golf Course Wall

Modular block with integrated parapet.

Pool Wall

Large Block Gravity retaining wall.

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